whyhellothere my fellow craft beer lovers. My name is Lexie and I love to travel, hike and drink good beer. When I started Cheers Chick (CC) a year ago, it was because I didn’t see quite enough female perspectives in the booming craft beer revolution happening across the world.

My hope is that CC will become a large network and community for brewers, enthusiasts and travelers to meet one another and share their passion for good beer.

Whether you’re a veteran beer lover who has a ton of knowledge to offer, or a rookie who’s recently discovered beer doesn’t have to taste like “beer”, I hope you’ll join me in my adventures across the nation.

Together we can ensure that quality and innovation do matter, and that every generation of beer drinkers should have the right to options in their beer choice.

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I can’t wait to meet you and learn what kind of beers you like.

Cheers to a Delicious Beer Future!